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    How can the paper industry achieve sustainable development? 【Reproduced】
    時間:2020-10-28 11:35:40

            As an important basic raw material industry, the paper industry is related to the country’s economy, culture, production, national defense and other aspects. Its products are used in many fields of culture, education, science and technology and the national economy, and are responsible for the promotion of material and spiritual civilization. This is an important function, so it is called "Social and Economic Barometer."

            my country's forest resources are scarce, waste paper becomes an irreplaceable raw material for papermaking

            In 105 AD, Cai Lun invented papermaking, using bark, broken fishing nets, rags, hemp and other cheap materials as raw materials to produce plant fiber paper suitable for writing. Forest trees are supposed to be the main raw materials for papermaking. However, my country's forest resources are scarce, accounting for only about 5.0% of the world's forest resources. The use of limited timber resources is far from enough to meet the needs of national economic construction and maintain the ecological environment. . This has formed the current pattern that 77% of the main raw materials of my country's paper industry come from various non-wood fibers and recycled waste paper resources.

            my country's paper and cardboard consumption accounts for a quarter of the global consumption, ranking first in the world. According to calculations by authoritative departments, nearly 30 million tons of packaging paper, cardboard and paper products are added to my country's export of goods each year. Therefore, in order to make up for the lack of quantity and quality of papermaking raw materials (domestic waste paper), it is necessary to import a large amount of foreign waste paper back to China in the form of waste paper trade.

            About foreign waste

            First of all, waste paper generally refers to the recyclable and renewable resources that have been used and discarded in production and life. It is internationally recognized as the most environmentally friendly, high-quality and low-cost indispensable raw material for papermaking.

            Secondly, foreign waste is not "dirty, messy, bad". First, the quality of foreign waste paper is much better than that of domestic waste paper. This is not only due to the high forest coverage in the United States, Canada and other countries, and more primary woods (especially coniferous trees) used for papermaking, and coniferous trees have longer wood fibers, resulting in better papermaking pulp quality. , Also because foreign countries have strict standards for waste paper recycling to ensure quality, while domestic standards for waste paper recycling have also been formulated, but waste paper recycling classification is not strict. Second, my country’s customs and related departments have clear standards for imports, and strictly perform their duties in strict accordance with the inspection and quarantine standards. Any import behavior that does not meet the standards and affects the health of the people will be rejected from the country, and the impurity rate is 0.5. The foreign waste below% is imported resources introduced under such strict inspection and quarantine procedures. In addition, whether it is domestic waste paper or foreign waste paper, there is a strict and standardized process for papermaking, including sterilization. Furthermore, fresh data shows that imported waste paper accounts for nearly half of my country's total consumption of papermaking fiber raw materials, and demand will continue to increase in the future, so foreign waste paper is an irreplaceable strategic resource.

            Recently, some people in the media published an article stating that “solid waste is not a raw material, and has nothing to do with the impurity content”, a simple interpretation of foreign waste paper, and a macroeconomic approach to guide the lack of paper-making raw materials-self-reliance to increase the national waste recovery rate and Quality not only solves the shortage of raw materials, but also realizes independence. In fact, in recent years, my country’s domestic waste paper recycling rate has continued to increase. The total recycling volume has exceeded 50 million tons, reaching more than 90% of the current recyclable volume, which is close to the limit. At this time, we blindly emphasized relying on domestic waste paper to make domestic The price of waste paper raw materials is rising, and the phenomenon of adulteration is serious, which is counterproductive. In addition, the reduction or abandonment of external waste resources will reduce imported waste paper containing high-quality fibers, and the quality of paper products will decline, which will lead to a sharp decline in the quality of domestic recycled waste paper fibers, resulting in a shortage of resources, and the impact of this is immeasurable.

            Where is the road to sustainable development of the paper industry in the new era?

            Since the invention of papermaking, it has carried the life experience, hard work and wisdom of countless Chinese people. In the new era, the contradiction between the people's growing material and cultural needs and the unbalanced and insufficient development has become increasingly prominent, and it has also pointed out the direction for the sustainable development of the paper industry.

            The paper industry unanimously believes that by continuing to strengthen the supervision of solid waste import, transportation, utilization and other links, the relevant state departments will increase the entry threshold to benefit the country, the industry, and the people.

            In order to realize the healthy, rational and stable sustainable development of the papermaking industry, the papermaking industry will continue to exert its advantages in circular economy. In the current situation where the total amount of wood and non-wood fiber raw materials is insufficient, we will focus on the recycling and utilization of waste paper resources, further improve the domestic waste paper recycling system, increase domestic waste paper recycling to increase the quantity, and strengthen domestic waste paper classification. Improve quality; scientifically make good use of domestic and foreign channel resources, and improve the quality of domestic recycled waste paper pulping by using foreign high-quality fiber resources; promote the construction of domestic forestry-paper integration projects, increase domestic forest area, and improve domestic wood fiber Raw material supply capacity, reduce the risk of excessive dependence on papermaking raw materials, and ensure industrial safety; at the same time, increase scientific research, encourage and support enterprises to cooperate with scientific research institutes and universities to develop and industrialize non-wood fiber papermaking technology and equipment, and make good use of non-wood fiber papermaking technology and equipment. Wood raw materials.

            Source: China Paper Net Author: Tan Chih

    Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information. If there is an error in the source labeling or infringement of your legal rights, please contact the author, and we will correct and delete it in time, thank you.

    Source: China Paper Net

    ? Copyright 2019 Jiaxing Lifei Paper Co., Ltd. 丨 浙ICP備15017559號

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